The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari while speaking at an anti-corruption summit organized by the British Prime Minister, David Cameroon, recently, promised to disclose the figure of funds that have been recovered from looters in his address to the Nation on the occasion of the first anniversary of his ascension to office.
However, the President failed to name the looters or mention the figures of funds and assets recovered so far with the vigorous anti-corruption war his government embarked upon since its inception. “This development has not gone down well with a lot of Nigerians, as it leaves so many questions on the minds of the people. Why and when will be the appropriate time?” asked the Executive Chairman of Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders [CACOL], Mr. Debo Adeniran in a reaction to the development.
The CACOL Chairman charged the President to come out and give explanation on the recovered loots and also reveal the identities of the looters. “Why would the President refuse to fulfill the promise he made to the people? That attitude in itself is not acceptable, as Nigerians have the right to know about their resources that have been looted and criminals behind such corrupt practices. Also the attitude portend that criminals are being ‘protected’ by the President which hangs a big question mark on the whole anti-corruption war. The names of the looters should be mentioned and justice must be served accordingly in order to prevent such acts from recurring.” Mr. Adeniran averred
In concluding, he further explained that some of the looted funds were meant for projects that would have been beneficial to the nation as a whole.  He said “the logical thing one would have expected is for the recovered loots to be plunged back into the projects they were originally meant for.”
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL

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