Sequel to the new report filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki on his involvement in the first tranche of the Paris club fund, linking about N196bn to him and previous fraudulent charges against him, the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has moved that he should be removed.
CACOL has described his actions as one who seems untouchable explaining, that, despite so many fraudulent allegations against him, he had yet to prove his innocence in any of the plethora of allegations against him and this has become a norm; he never gives any logical explanation to exonerate him rather he most times, keeps mum and allows such allegations to die ‘natural deaths’.
From time to time, there had always been allegations against the Nigerian Senate President varying from one illegal deal to other fraudulent acts, he keeps moving from one case to the other. It is saddening and disgraceful that a man of such dented image is the number three citizen of this great country.
Sometime ago, there was also an allegation against Saraki about his involvement in the forgery of the senate rules. It was gathered that both him and his deputy Ekweremadu illegally amended the standing rules that ostensibly aided their emergences both as Senate President and deputy President.
Moreso, Saraki’s name was mentioned in the discovered secret offshore asset scam released by a German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. The Panama papers reported the biggest leak showing how World leaders, celebrities, criminal etal hid money using anonymous shell corporations across the World; it alleged that about four assets belonged to Saraki and his family in secret offshore territories. Girol Properties, the report stated ,was registered on behalf of Toyin Saraki by Fonsecca on August 25, 2004, in the British Virgin Island, a year after her husband, Bukola, became the governor of  Kwara  State.It added that the company documents showed that Mrs. Saraki “owns 25,000 numbers of shares with a par value of US$ 1,000 each, and was appointed the first and only director of the company.
Despite all these allegations on false asset declaration, at no time did he ever defend himself clearly in any court, his song had been that he is being persecuted! But by who? When there are concrete evidences against him in that regard that he has not disproved. It is so shameful that the man who presides over the legislature has such a messy personality as it is expected that anyone occupying such a highly esteemed position should be a man almost without a blemish.
Bukola Saraki becoming the Senate President was a tragedy; and the consequence is what the country is currently facing, this needs to be stated unequivocally! While he was the governor of Kwara State he never maintained a clean record, how come people like him with questionable background get to such exalted position? We need to introspect and act to avoid people that are apparently incurably corrupt or that have baggage that smacks of corruption from occupying our public offices. Let the truth be told! 
Considering the amount of embarrassment that he has continually caused the country as a whole, at this junction it is wise that we cast a ‘vote of no confidence’ on the so called Senate President; he should either resign or the processes for his impeachment should be commenced by Nigerians who want a better social co-existence than this appalling misrepresentation. We say loud and clear that ‘SARAKI IS NOT OUR SENATE PRESIDENT’!
As we confront our reality and the need to act, we cannot continue to lower the bar in terms of intolerance for corruption. It is either Saraki proves his innocence or not, period! Enough of these distractions!! It is no longer about Magu, Ali, Dino’s certificate or whatever contortion that has been thrown so far. We as Nigerians owe this country the duty to make or mar it, beyond the conscious frivolities of the political class that has kept the vast majority in abject penury with so much effrontery.
For Saraki, vacating the office would not enough; he must be duly prosecuted by the EFCC. It is not right that people evade justice at free will. Saraki is not untouchable though he has feigned otherwise; whatsoever the case maybe, he is not above the law.
We at CACOL decided this with and on behalf of millions of hapless Nigerians who have by a choice that is not theirs, fallen or are potential victims of corrupt leaders. This monster torments ordinary people of Nigeria in all areas of their endeavour. We have to confront it with a view to defeating it because it has to be done, not by ghosts or citizens of other nations but by Nigerians who have pride in themselves to be full-blooded Nigerians. Our promotion and pursuance of ‘open leadership’ is hinged on our belief that it will facilitate transparency and accountability in governance while also plugging the holes of corruption.
Yours in service to humanity
Debo Adeniran
Executive Chairman, CACOL

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