Recently, the Judiciary has come under scathing public criticisms sequel to the allegations and counter-allegations over corruption crimes perpetrated by some Judges. The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL had in its initial response to the hue and cry over the arrest of the suspected corrupt judges said that there was need for circumspection in approaching the arrest of the suspected corrupt Judges in order be able to do an objective analysis of the whole situation beyond distractions, while insisting that judges were not above the law.

The Coalition also viewed the scenario from the point of dialecticism and as a window of opportunity to name and shame those of questionable characters who has persistently abused the sensibilities of the majority within the rank and files of the Bar and the Bench.
The Executive Chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran while responding to the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA’s latest position on the case of the suspected corrupt judges advising them to step aside from official judiciary functions pending the outcome of the already commenced judicial processes to establish the veracity of the allegations against them, said “we had told all aggrieved persons to submit to the constitution of the country by using every constitutional means to prove or disprove their innocence in all the allegations against them.”
“We thus welcome the latest suggestion from the NBA to the suspected judges as it falls in line with the advice we gave to all those alleged to have committed corruption crimes in the positions as Judges in the country’s ‘Temple of Justice’. We commend the NBA for the courage to allow logic to guide the situation before us a country as it concerns the obvious sharp practices that has been going on, and still subsisting in the Judiciary.”    
The President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Mr. Abubakar Mahmud (SAN), who had been overtly critical of the Department of State Security, DSS’s arrest of some suspected corrupt judges in a recent statement, recommended that the National Judicial Council, NJC should suspend some serving judges.
Adeniran said that this is a different position from the one the NBA previously took, “they had condemned the DSS for the raid and arrest of the suspected judges and described it as blatant disregard for due process and against the rule of law. It is a good signal that the NBA has finally come to realize the logical need for the suspension of the affected judges.”
In concluding, the CACOL Chairman regretted that so much time had been spent in attacking the DSS, which he said was unnecessary as it served only as a distraction from the real subject of contention. He averred that “whatever positions the National Judicial Commission, NJC and the NBA takes on the issue of suspension of alleged corrupt judges, would tell us if the judiciary is on the side of the masses or on the side of protecting their own in the light of corruption allegations against its members.”
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
October 21, 2016


The counter-allegations of suspected corruption crimes being shoved down the minds of the people following the recent ‘can of worms’ opened by the arrest of some judges based on suspected corrupt practices are fundamentally designed to distract attention from the real issues. Without mincing words, it validates the position that indeed, sharp practices of humongous dimensions have been and apparently continues to be perpetrated in the Nigerian ‘Temple of Justice’.

The counter-allegations being put forward by Justice John Okoro for instance, betrays the reality that the existence of corruption in the judiciary is deep-seated and had been sort of institutionalized. Okoro who was one of those arrested by the DSS operatives, accused the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, a former Rivers State Governor, of asking him to influence the apex court’s decision on poll judgment in Rivers, Akwa Ibom and Abia states.
Assuming without conceding that Justice Okoro is right, the fundamental question to ask is – why did he wait till when he was arrested and charged with allegations of corruption to reveal that to the legally necessary quarters and the public as a honourable Judge well schooled in law and its applications?
And then do the counter-allegations erode the gravity of the corruption crimes the judges are being judicially made to answer for? Are the counter-allegations evidence-based? The DSS acted on an evidence-based operation, the right thinking Nigerian knows that if the DSS had not carried out the arrest of the suspected corrupt judges, Justices, like John Okoro and Sylvester Ngwuta would have seen no evil, and heard no evil.
Let no frivolous counter-allegations from suspects of corruption in particular hinder the very important need to cleanse the judiciary of the cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes. Let elements that have allegations substantiate them with evidences in the law courts, in others words, nobody is above the law, and whoever the law pronounces culpable should face the constitutional consequences.
Nigeria must move forward, the attempt to use illogical distractions to solicit public sympathy over corruption crimes is not acceptable and will fail. On all suspected corruption criminals; we once again call on all the anti-graft and law enforcement agencies be diligent and thorough in their investigations and prosecutions, just as we emphasize the need for operating within the rule of law.
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
 October 21, 2016
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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL has condemned those who mismanaged the funds meant for the Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs saying they have committed crimes against humanity and should be punished accordingly.
“It is worrisome that people can be so sadistic to the extent of milking people, who escaped from the throes of death. The truth is that those in the IDP camps could have been killed by Boko Haram members, but they barely escaped.” Said the Executive Chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran when speaking on behalf of the anti-corruption coalition

“Those who mismanaged the funds meant for the IDPs have committed a crime against humanity. They should be treated like Boko Haram members. It is worrisome that people can be so sadistic to the extent of milking people, who escaped from the throes of death. As a matter of fact, those in the IDP camps could have been killed by Boko Haram members, but they barely escaped.”
“When one is left within the pangs and pains of hunger, starvation, sickness and misery, this is the most harrowing experience that one can have. Basically, the authorities should apprehend those behind this and those who are supposed to supervise the funds. They should be diligently tried and adequately punished. If they are not punished, others will think it is one of those things they can do and get away with. They should spend their days behind bars. It is wickedness of the highest order.”
 “The present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari is against corruption, this must not be limited but to all sectors in the country. In fact, if the IDPs camp is not corruption free, then the Government has giving a loop hole for the corrupt and shameless hungry leaders to make more money and put the lives of the IDPs at risk.” Added Mr. Adeniran
“It is the insecurity in the country that threw up IDPs in the first place; it is thus the responsibility of the Government to cater for their needs and ensure that any corrupt element does not frustrate the efforts geared towards giving the IDPs succor. Illness, malnutrition and death among the IDPs can be drastically reduced if the officials and persons involved in the supply of food and relief materials were not engaging in sharp practices. He concluded.
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
October 20, 2016 
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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders CACOL, has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC to be diligent and get focused on discharging their duties concerning the alleged corruption cases against the former Minister of State for Defence, Senator Musili Obanikoro, the Ekiti State Governor, Gov. Ayodele Fayose, the former Minister of Aviation, Mr. Femi FaniKayode, a General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, Patrick Akpobolokemi and Maj. Gen. Emmanuel Atewa (rtd).

The Executive Chairman of CACOL Mr. Debo Adeniran in reaction to the confusion being consciously created by these suspected corruption criminals over the allegations against them said ” they all need to explain and subject themselves to judicial proceedings to establish their innocence rather than ‘media defense’.
“Obanikoro has been alleged by the EFCC to have received the sum of N4.7bn from the Office of the National Security Adviser, through the head, Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) in June, 2014. And he has admitted that he gave N2.3bn to the present Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose. Any right thinking Nigerian would ask the simplest of the questions – ‘why?’, and this is because the whole scenario smacks of corruption.”
“This entire media defense makes no sense at all considering the background that if one is innocent in relation to suspected corruption cases, there will be no reason to fear the EFCC or the justice system.” Adeniran added”
“EFCC must not get intimidated by cheap blackmail, the agency must work on all the somewhat difficult and recalcitrant suspects like Femi Fani Kayode and others; diligence in investigations and prosecutions are very vital in this regard and adherence with the rule of law. His tenure as the Minister of Aviation, must be thoroughly investigated and if found guilty of any sharp practice while in office, he must be prosecuted, regardless of the conscious attempt to distract the public from the crux of the allegations against him.”
“Gen. Patrick Akpobolokemi and Maj.Gen. Emmanuel Atewa (rtd) who were alleged to have siphoned N1.8bn from the coffers of NIMASA within two weeks in September 2014, and other similar cases in court must be pursed to logical and judicial conclusions. The era of using illogical reasons, cheap blackmail and propaganda to solicit public sympathy over heinous crimes like corrupt and sharp practices in order to escape justice must be put behind us a country and people.”
“We call on the EFCC not to relent in efforts to fight corruption in our country, and  to ensure that diligence, thoroughness and lawfulness are always deployed in its constitutional duties as an anti-graft agency.” Adeniran concluded
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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The Center for Cultural and Religious Rights (CECURR) has called for the dictates the Nigerian constitution to be adhered to every time in the country particularly when the rights to life, association, expression and assembly are concerned.
CECURR is a child of necessity borne of the need to bring succor for victims of religious and cultural persecution in any part of Nigeria. It is a non-religious organization of men and women of different religious background including atheists; it is non-sectarian, non-gender bias, gender- sensitive, non-profit making and non-governmental organization. Its activities cover all parts of the country; its work strategy centres on study, research, education, advocacy and enlightenment.
The group was reacting to the violence witnessed recently in Kaduna, Sokoto, Kano and some other states in the northern part of the country during the celebration of the birthday of grandson of Prophet Mohammed, PBUH by the Shite Islamic group.
CECURR through its National Coordinator, Mr. Debo Adeniran said, “It is a prerequisite in good governance practice to apply circumspection, wisdom in making decisions and executing plans in ways that will avoid committing mistakes of the past. That is the way to avoid doing things in the same old ways while expecting different results. It is significant for the government not regularly rely on ‘use of force’ while handling issues concerning ideological groups or movements such as the Shites’ and Boko Haram. Circumspection should always be applied as the ‘use of force’ has not successfully quelled the agitations of most ‘extremist’ groups in history. The ‘stick’ only approaches used in similar situations in the past only further conflagrated the crises like in the Boko Haram experience.”
“It is imperative to state that the Constitution of the country is supreme and guarantees the fundamental human rights of all and it defines confines within which the government must operate in handling scenarios that are violent or potentially so. In the same vein, groups and individuals must abide by the constitution and while enjoying their fundamental rights, people must not infringe on what constitute the rights of other persons.”
“The secularity of the Nigerian constitution need to asserted and enforced to reduce drastically religiously inspired crises which are often violent with attendant loss of lives and property. History had more or less provided chances to do things differently for better outcomes, but unfortunately current experiences have shown that we have learnt nothing from it.”   
Adeniran continuing, said “last year, the reported clash between the military and the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) which aggravated into the detention of their leader Sheikh El-Zakzaky, and the death of more than 300 Shiite Muslims by the military appear to be directed link recent clashes. The government must apply circumspection on this issue because of the international dimension to it given that the Shite group is directly linked with their mother movement in Iran. That the Iranian government has publicly declared its solidarity the IMN is explicit enough and it makes the issues both complex and delicate.”  
“We condemn the jungle justice meted out to the members of Shite movement in the last episode of violence in the North as this will only worsen a situation that is terribly bad already. We call for a probe of the episode with a view of identifying the perpetrators of such dastardly act and bringing them to book. The government must deploy tact to avoid a possible situation where the country will be turned to a battle ground for proxy religious wars, and its actions must be within the ambit of the constitution of the country, international conventions and Statues.”
“We urge Nigerians regardless of religious, cultural or social inclinations to shun religious and cultural intolerance. We should also eschew violence and respect each others’ fundamental rights.” Adeniran concluded
 Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CECURR
October 18, 2016
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The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL described the resumption to duty by two among the recently arrested suspected corrupt judges of the Federal High Court in Abuja as shameless and highly immoral. The judges after their release by Department of State Services, DSS, were reported to have resumed sitting on Monday.

The Executive Chairman of CACOL Mr. Debo Adeniran while reacting to this development said, “suspected corrupt judges such as Justice Adeniyi Ademola and Justice Nnamdi Dimgba should not be allowed to sit on any case until they proof their innocence on the allegations corrupt practices they have to answer. If there is some level of morality and care about ones’ self-esteem, then the judges ought to willingly volunteer to step aside pending when the judicial processes as they concern their charges are done with.”
“That is the path of honour, people with integrity are expected to tow in situations like this, particularly judges who understand the repercussions of having a corrupt sitting over cases. The Judiciary is the hope of the masses; the situation whereby that Arm of government cannot longer be trusted like we are witnessing currently in Nigeria can only lead to anarchy.”
”Continuing, Adeniran added, “With self-help as the only hope of the people and the judiciary will become like a lost bride with an attendant conflagration in corruption. The truth is that the suspected judges have lost their moral authority, and their professionalism is being challenged; therefore they should be suspended for the period their investigation and prosecution is ongoing. What the country stands to lose should their culpability be established on the long run far out-weighs what it may gain if they continue to sit over cases.”
“The country needs a judiciary of integrity and honour, one that is devoid of sharp practices and that will ensure free and fair judgments regardless who the parties involved are. The judiciary must be above board and to achieve these, the sector must rid its ranks and file of corrupt elements that join in perpetrating and perpetuating sharp practices within that Arm of government and the country as a whole.” Mr. Adeniran concluded.
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
October 18, 2016
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On Thursday, the Nigerian government announced that it had safely secured the release of 21 out of the over 200 girls abducted by the Boko Haram terrorist group at Chibok, Bornu state in April 2014. This news is a positive development to the biggest kidnap case in the history of the country in the view of the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, and majority of Nigerians.

Amidst all the excitement over the return of some of the kidnapped girls; the Executive Chairman of CACOL, Comrade Debo Adeniran said that Nigerians are still looking ahead on what could be done to secure the safe return of the over 190 girls still in captivity.
“For us it is too early to throw a party but we are not oblivious to the meaning of this event and how much significance it has in restoring joy and hope to the parents and Nigerians that have had to mourn over the abduction of the girls for more than two years now. Also, we are commending the government for seeking help from other countries like the International Red Cross and the Swiss government to help negotiate the release of the 21 Chibok girls yesterday.”
“This is in recognition of the fact that the fight against terrorism is a global fight and it requires concerted efforts from all relevant authorities to reduce and eliminate the possibilities of this tragedy occurring again under any clime.”
Continuing Adeniran said, “it is also important to put into considering the experience the released girls had been forced to pass before now. The government must take responsibility for their rehabilitation by helping them to overcome the trauma they have been through.”
Mr. Adeniran went to praise the Nigerian Military, particularly the gallant troops whom he described as the real heroes in the successes achieved so far since the Boko Haram insurgents began their terrorist acts in the North Eastern part of the country.
“It’s actually a ‘bittersweet’ situation when we consider the fact that for over two years, because of the failure of government, the abducted girls were in custody and almost practically nothing was done concretely to rescue them. It even becomes more bitter when we witness how expedited the government acted on several occasions when high profile persons were the victims. An example is the recent kidnap of the wife of the Central Bank Governor. It took only a ‘twinkle of an eye’ for the VIP Nigerian to be released” He averred
“In Nigeria, kidnappings, abductions, rape and several criminal tendencies occur almost on daily basis in hundreds, but they do not get the deserved attention from government. We are asking that the government should also look into other reported cases of kidnaps and abductions with a view to treating them with the same determination with which it handles profile cases.”
Our commendation for government on the release is to encourage it to as soon as possible rescue the remaining Chibok girls, particularly in the face of the reality that the conspiracy theorists who tried to politicize the sad episode as a farce has been defeated. The government should thus not rest on its oars until the rest of the Chibok girls and all other victims of abduction and kidnap in captivity are rescued or released.”
“We hasten to warn the Federal government that whatever interventions it is going do in helping the released girls to recuperate and re-integrate back to the society must be devoid of sharp practices like the ones that have bedeviled the relief packages meant for Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs. We recall that the parents of girls rescued earlier protested publicly on how funds meant for their wards were either siphoned or ‘disappeared’ by unscrupulous officials. Such must be allowed to happen again! Mr. Adeniran concluded
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
October 14, 2016 


In the past week, the arrest of suspected Judges by the Department of State Security, DSS has attracted views and counterviews of varying interests in the country. The heat on the suspected corrupt Judges is apparently being kept on as reports reaching the media suggest that the DSS will continue the crackdown on suspected corrupt Judges in the country.

According to the reports, the DSS is set to arrest three Supreme Court justices suspected of corrupt practices. This would bring the total number of judges in the apex court under investigations to five. Last week, Justices John Okoro and Sylvester Ngwatu were apprehended by the DSS in what it termed a ‘sting operation’ which has put the Service under criticisms. The justices were reported to have admitted to some corruption charges but for some people the subject of concern is the ‘stingness’ of the operation.
The National Judicial Council (NJC), Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) and other relevant legal bodies and institutions have all been critical about the arrest of corruption judges by the DSS.
But we, in the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, believes where criminal charges are involved a case like with the suspected judges, it becomes beyond the NJC because its powers are only administrative as provided for in the constitution. The NJC cannot therefore exercise total control in the discipline of corrupt judges, particularly when criminal charges are involved.  
The NJC can dish out whatever punishment it likes to erring judges as a judicial body at certain levels, but the crimes allegedly perpetrated by the arrested judges were not administrative or acts of judicial misconducts, neither were they crimes against the NJC or any judicial body but crimes against the Nigerian people, country and state.
If we are to go by the logic of that the NJC could have handled these heinous crimes, we can as well argue that students that engage in crimes can also be punished by their school management rather than having them arrested by the security agencies and then punished by the law!
We call on Nigerians who have reservations on court decisions and suspicions of foul play by legal practitioners and judges not hesitate to submit their petitions to the anti-graft agencies as the war against corruption requires all hands on deck and also necessitate a thorough cleansing of the judiciary because of its importance to nation-building.
That is how to keep the heat on, on the plunderers of our commonwealth; we must collectively make the ‘kitchen hot’ to stave away cockroaches, rats and mosquitoes! Those pandering to corruption via this episode should reflect deeply with circumspection beyond political, ethnic, religious and other sundry sentiments. They should realize that the ‘democracy’ and ‘rule of law’ they are utilizing to shield thieves were achieved on the altar of struggle with Nigerians contributing their blood, sweat and self-comfort, and with several extraordinary steps within the process. This episode itself has revealed that another dangerous malady have encroached the psyche of some folks, such that supposed intellectuals have shamelessly suddenly forgotten the place of dialectic in societal development!
On the three Supreme Court justices suspected of corrupt practices for instance, media reports have it that the DSS has concrete evidences of the involvement of the justices in corruption practices. They were alleged to have jointly shared in bribe over a case. The DSS have recorded voices and videos of the justices and some of their fronts and relations that have been quizzed have made useful statements. The Service went ahead to insist that its agents did not just arrest some judges adding that it was the last leg of the investigative procedure.
The Service also insisted that it had petitions against the arrested judges and had been investigating them for over seven months! This is why it is important for aggrieved Nigerians to take advantage of the increasing momentum of the anti-corruption drive by bringing their complaints to the notice of the various security agencies via petitions. This is how we can help the anti-corruption drive rather denigrate it on the altar of selfish interests.
The hitherto kids’ glove attitude toward corruption must be discarded with. It is the sustaining of this attitude that breeds bare-face impunity, it gives room for corruption suspects to delay justice unduly or out rightly manipulate it perpetually in their favour in spite of plausible evidences.
This is why Mr. Godswin Orubebe who was recently convicted for false assets declaration can have the effrontery to proceed to the Appeal court seeking for ‘shelter’, because he knows that with the extant Nigerian judicial system, ‘camels can pass through the eye of the needle’! He knows he can always manipulate the system either to delay justice or to escape it.
We implore the Federal government not allow Orubebe’s tricks to dampen its zeal. The FG must ensure that the appeal is treated in an expedited way and with diligence in the prosecution of the case. It is time to speed up the momentum of the ‘wheels of progress’ of justice in the overall interest of national development. It is time to remake Nigeria and extricate all maladies imposed on us as a people by the incurably corrupt amongst us.
Debo Adeniran
Executive Chairman, CACOL
October 13, 2016