The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has welcomed and commended the steps being taken by the House of Representatives, HOR on four consolidated bills seeking to strengthen the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC as the fight against corruption surges on.

Mr. Debo Adeniran, who spoke on behalf of the Centre said, “it is indeed impressive to see to the HOR taking practical steps to disencumber the fight against corruption. We had always called for amendments to some of our laws which apparently are not restrictive enough to deter or debar people from engaging in corrupt practices.”

“Some of these laws actually pamper corrupt tendencies and encumber the progress of the anti-corruption drive leading to corruption criminals wriggling through the labyrinths of the judicial and enforcement systems to evade justice willfully.”

The bills before the House are seeking to strengthen the EFCC in combating economic and financial crimes; shield the agency from undue interference by the Presidency and for its financial autonomy. Part of what is expected to from the amendments is that convicts of corruption crimes shall serve an imprisonment of a term not less than 20 years; have their loots, accounts or investment forfeited to the government.

Continuing on the step by HOR, The Chairman of CACOL said “at this period when the Senate has become a house of tragic comedy based on the pro-corruption character of the leadership and a large chunk of the membership of the Upper Chamber, it is indeed refreshing to see the HOR attempting to focus on matters worthy of attention than inanities.”

“We call for expeditious actions towards the enactment of the bills into law. We add that President Muhammadu Buhari must ensure that stolen funds so far recovered by the government are not looted back by the incurably corrupt elements that are clearly still lurking around in very powerful positions in the present government.”

“CACOL had consistently called for life imprisonment for convicts that stole any amount above 1 billion naira, and that such big thieves should be made to work diligently for their own upkeep while in prison via whatever skills they possessed previously or has been able to learn behind the bars. For us, 20 years maximum imprisonment is not enough, particularly for those corrupt elements who remained recalcitrant and impenitent during trials, those that consciously made the country to expend undue energy, resources and time before their conviction.”

“They should be used as objects to educate the young, the youth and all when they go on excursion to the prisons. Seeing former corrupt leaders in such situation will certainly serve to deter the potentially corrupt. And assets traced to such convicts should be deemed to be proceeds of corruption and confiscated by the Nigerian state,”

Mr. Adeniran commended the war against corruption thus far but added that recovered funds should not be stolen; rather they should be channelled back to the original projects or purposes for which they were meant.

“In cases where the original projects have been fixed, such funds should be put in Treasury Single Account (TSA) and used for other important needs of the nation. It would a double tragedy if recovered funds/loots end-up getting re-looted. The processes involved in the recovery must be made transparent and accountable,” He concluded


Wale Salami

Media Coordinator, CACOL





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Being the text of the State of the Nation Press Conference addressed by the Executive Chairman of the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL at 610, Lagos-Abeokuta ExpressWay, Ijaiye Bus stop, Lagos on
March 30, 2017  
We thank you for your prompt attendance of this Press conference called at this inauspicious period given the happenings in recent time as we collectively continue to play our different roles in the strife to better our country and to save it from the dangerous abyss some intend to keep it in as an entity. You are welcome.
At the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL we have watched very closely the character of the present Senate right from the very day it was inaugurated, just like that of the Presidency, the Judiciary and other superstructures of governance under All Progressive Congress, APC-led ‘change’ government of the Federation. The intrigues; melodrama, insensitivities, horse-trading etc. still point to our postulations that governance has basically been directionless and that ‘distractions’ was the mode of governing being practiced since the commencement of the present administration. We pointed out then that the future was foggy for the country.
We were not doomsayers then, neither we are now, in fact we are being vindicated with the recent acts, particularly the stupidities and criminalities being displayed with impunity in Nigeria’s Senate House of horror and disastrous humour.
It is now clear that the Senate as presently constituted may succeed in finally destroying the country on platter of idiocies, incurable greed and lust for power, if we, as Nigerians who can see through the present fog fail to take back our country from the bunch of desperadoes occupying our esteemed Red Chamber.
As at now the Senate has degenerated to the level of constituting the leading clog in a government it’s supposed to be part of. The refusal by the Senate to screen 27 Residents Electoral Commissioners, REC for the Independent National Commission, INEC and the basing such illogical decision on the President’s ‘refusal’ to sack Ibrahim Magu as acting Chairman of EFCC is a pointer to the stagnations that the country suffers almost in every aspect.
The suspension of Ali Ndume for not “conducting due diligence” before filing a petition against Senate President and Dino Melaye, the ridiculous idea to summon Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption for his personal utterances and other recent frivolities of the Senate leave majority of Nigerians in absolute bewilderment as to how far the apparently retarded bunch in Red chamber can get. At this rate, Nigerians will continue to wallow in pains while they engage in summoning anybody that show indignation at their profoundly corrupt tendencies, and over extremely trivial issues.
The leadership of the Senate and their cohorts in the Red Chamber predicated on their baggage of corruption has consistently deployed every dubious means available to them to deflect and distract government from the very essence of its creation. And this is in the bid to shield themselves from the scales of justice over the plethora of corruption allegations against them. They have played all the tricks in the game and have apparently run out of cards leading to this macabre dance where shame, patriotism, conscientiousness, morality and sanity have been thrown overboard. Rather than submit to judicial processes to disprove their avalanche of corruption allegations, the shenanigans have continually demonstrated that they are ‘above the law’ and therefore, are ‘untouchable’.
It is time for Nigerians rise in unison to take back their country; we must halt the ongoing speedy degeneration to the abyss as being championed by the corruption tainted Senate leadership and their counterparts in the Nigerian political class before they impose socio-political and economic anarchy on us as people via political intrigues, inanities and self-aggrandizement.
Specifically we say for the umpteenth time that Bukola Saraki is not fit to head the National Assembly and we are repeating this with every stretch of conviction that the longer he occupies the exalted position, the more grievous our situation will get as a result of his apparent incurable corruption tendencies.
As for Dino Melaye and his trending disgusting show of shame over the certificate forgery allegations, it is clear that he belongs to the same box with Saraki on the scales of integrity, self-esteem, self-respect and morality.    
The facts that are already in public domain on his academic qualifications from different institutions including the prestigious Harvard Law School, in New York, London School of Economics and Nigerian institutions are glaringly in sharp contradictions with Dino Melaye’s claims. His reactions so far has been nothing sensible, they only betray boldly the extent of tomfoolery a so-called Senator of the Federal Republic can engage in, particularly when a matter of honour is in question!
It shows lack of self-confidence in one’s inherent abilities and the false need to parade oneself as what one is not. It is moral bankruptcy. An honest person would not lie about educational qualifications no matter what. To even know that the constitution does not compel anybody to have a degree before being eligible to contest for elective positions and some people still prefer to forge certificates speaks volumes about the character of whoever commits such acts.
No one needs not to be told that anyone capable of forging a certificate to get to office is extremely likely to perpetrate corruption if elected into office. This is one of what is responsible for the rampant corrupt and sharp practices we witness in the public and elected offices on daily basis.
Dino’s certificate saga has further exposed the level of rot in our education system given the drama where a Vice Chancellor had to join the trago-comedy of the Senate by appearing in a session to proof the academic status of a former student. It corroborates the school of thought which says that many of our institutions have commoditized certification which is responsible for the qualities of graduates that are churned out periodically.
The saga has also shown that, as country, it is wrong to predicate the election of persons on certificates over meritocracy. This is one of the fundamental things that lead desperate politicians to forge certificates because of their aspirations. Certificates have never proven to be the best test of ability when it comes to leadership, so as a country, we seem to have gotten it wrong from the beginning.
It is important to point out too that, a country that cannot guarantee free education for its populace lacks the moral basis or right to deny the people of access to leadership because position they do not possess certificates; it is unjust and it represents exclusivity. And the truth is that there are a lot of Nigerians who qualify to be in leadership positions over many who have the best of certificates. In fact, the certificated ones seem to have performed more brilliantly in terms of the perpetration of corruption.
Most importantly, Nigerians must not allow their focus on rebuilding their country to be lost or shifted from cause by people like Saraki, his ‘soul mate’ Dino and their cohorts while they rollick in their unexplainable humongous ill-gotten wealth; a catastrophic reality they have sustained thus far while our commonwealth is pilfered at will and with impunity leading to the persisting excruciating socio-economic and political condition of existence. That is the bigger picture, which is the circumspection we must not lose.
While majority of Nigerians wallow in abject penury, the Senate with bare-faced effrontery and insensitivity have continued to engage in acts that will without any doubts result into greater calamities. The National Assembly was recently said to have purchased a shatter-proof Sports Utility Van, SUV at the exorbitant amount of N298M under the current perilous economic situation where many barely exist owing to the pangs of the period. This shows the insensitivity of the law makers to the sufferings, pains and groaning of the people.
The manner with which the Senate leadership emerged was questionable right from inauguration and considered dubious by majority of Nigerians. Saraki and Ike Ekweremadu were alleged to have illegally amended the standing rules that ostensibly aided their emergences both as Senate President and deputy President respectively. Given this messy background, it is not difficult for anyone discerning enough to understand that hardly will any good thing emerge from a Senate such a leadership.
One just needs a glance at the resume of the characters in Senate in relation to the several corruption allegations against many of the members to understand why the hallowed Chamber has assumed the current colouration.
Beginning with Saraki, he is someone who is known for running publicly-owned businesses bankrupt, he is not fit to be called or be elected as a Senator not even to talk of becoming the Senate President. With his background and considering that he oscillates between sitting in several criminal suspects’ box at the Code of Conduct Tribunal and other courts as a criminal suspect while sitting as President of the Senate in the hallowed Chambers of the National Assembly and doubling as the Chairman of the National Assembly, the situation becomes an aberration. And this makes Saraki morally and ethically a misfit for the exalted position of Senate President.
He was also recently yet again alleged to have been involved in the diversion of the first tranche of the Paris club fund, linking him to about N19bn. And there are many others like him in the Senate. An attempt to magnify the character of the Senate in terms of its composition reveal a scary and dangerous reality that the hallowed Chamber is indeed infested by people who the late legendary Dr. Tunji Braithwaite described as ‘cockroaches and rats’!
Buruji Kashamu has a pending case in court with the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA over drug peddling. Joshua Dariye is facing a 23-count charge bordering on abuse of office, corruption and money laundering. Shettima Yarima was docked for a 19-count charge by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, ICPC. Murtala Nyako was charged alongside his father, on a 37-count charge by the EFCC for criminal conspiracy, stealing, abuse of office and money laundering. Mohammed Danjuma Goje is facing trial on an 18-count charge on conspiracy and fraud to N25bn instituted by the EFCC.  Abdullahi  Adamu still has a trial on 149-count charge and many others. 
Against the foregoing, it is becoming very clear that Nigeria will have to take the option of scraping the Senate before it scraps the country itself. Several other countries have come to similar ‘crossroads’ we seem to be at. In 2012, Senegalese Parliamentarians voted to abolish the Senate saying the body had never really played its role; other countries with bicameral parliaments had done the same in history including Australia, Canada at some provincial levels, State of Nebraska in the US, Portugal, Sweden, India etc. Majority of these countries adduced cost-cutting in government expenditure, un-representation, misrepresentation and corruption as part of their excuses.
Another option will be for the various constituencies to commence the processes of recalling their respective representatives that are apparently profoundly corrupt from the Senate because they are conspiratorially holding down the progress of the country. This option is however cumbersome, but it remains a constitutional way to go about dragging those polluting the Senate out for their misdeeds and betrayal of country. Saraki, Dino, Buruji, Nyako others should be made scapegoats along this line to make a loud statement on our indignation at their acts so as to serve as deterrent to those that get elected to public office only to turn against public interest.
Public pressure must be mounted on the shenanigans in the Senate and the government in general to desist from their inanities and conscious distractions so as to redirect governance toward its original purpose. While the option of waiting till next elections may sound plausible, it is at the very risk of allowing the continuation of the present macabre which can only mean one the thing, and that is, the despoliation of the country which will further aggravate the subsisting precarious socio-political and economic existence characterized by agony and pains.
Quintessentially, we state here unequivocally that the Senate cannot be isolated in the situation the country is in; isolating the Legislature will mean loss of circumspection! The Executive and the Judiciary are also deeply involved in the bringing our country to this regrettable state.
The Executive comfortably houses both elected and appointed public officials that have plethora of corruption allegations against them that are yet to be disproved. Babachir Lawal, who is at the ‘heart’ of the Presidency as Secretary to General of the Federation, SGF is a shining example along that dishonourable path. He obviously has a lot to answer for, as far as the allegations against him are concerned, as against the clearance by the President which suggests that he had not been found wanting. Ordinarily, the SGF should have stepped aside long before now to thoroughly clear himself of the misconducts his being accused of.
This alone implicates the Executive and challenges the presidency’s acclaimed sincerity about fighting corruption no matter whose ox is gored. Several Ministers too have allegations of corruption against them which the Executive have kept on ignoring.  
The Judiciary, despite all the brouhaha that witnessed the arrest of judges by the DSS, the pontifications of members of the Bench that, that the arm of government could cleanse itself of corruption, we see today that the cases that are court which emanated from the saga are either being foot-dragged on, or consciously being ‘killed’ silently. This is exactly what has been characteristic of our judicial system where it is always easier for the ‘camel to pass through the eye of the needle’ than for suspected criminals answer to their charges and where perversion of justice is a pastime.    
Finally, against the present background, we say it is time to take back our country through every constitutional means possible. It is very clear, based on the self-inflicted contradictions of present government, only Nigerians; the ever patriotic and committed ones can stop this slope down to anarchy! It is a collective and generational duty to salvage our country.
Thank you for coming.       
Debo Adeniran
Executive Chairman, CACOL


Sequel to the new report filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC against the Senate President, Bukola Saraki on his involvement in the first tranche of the Paris club fund, linking about N196bn to him and previous fraudulent charges against him, the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has moved that he should be removed.
CACOL has described his actions as one who seems untouchable explaining, that, despite so many fraudulent allegations against him, he had yet to prove his innocence in any of the plethora of allegations against him and this has become a norm; he never gives any logical explanation to exonerate him rather he most times, keeps mum and allows such allegations to die ‘natural deaths’.
From time to time, there had always been allegations against the Nigerian Senate President varying from one illegal deal to other fraudulent acts, he keeps moving from one case to the other. It is saddening and disgraceful that a man of such dented image is the number three citizen of this great country.
Sometime ago, there was also an allegation against Saraki about his involvement in the forgery of the senate rules. It was gathered that both him and his deputy Ekweremadu illegally amended the standing rules that ostensibly aided their emergences both as Senate President and deputy President.
Moreso, Saraki’s name was mentioned in the discovered secret offshore asset scam released by a German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung. The Panama papers reported the biggest leak showing how World leaders, celebrities, criminal etal hid money using anonymous shell corporations across the World; it alleged that about four assets belonged to Saraki and his family in secret offshore territories. Girol Properties, the report stated ,was registered on behalf of Toyin Saraki by Fonsecca on August 25, 2004, in the British Virgin Island, a year after her husband, Bukola, became the governor of  Kwara  State.It added that the company documents showed that Mrs. Saraki “owns 25,000 numbers of shares with a par value of US$ 1,000 each, and was appointed the first and only director of the company.
Despite all these allegations on false asset declaration, at no time did he ever defend himself clearly in any court, his song had been that he is being persecuted! But by who? When there are concrete evidences against him in that regard that he has not disproved. It is so shameful that the man who presides over the legislature has such a messy personality as it is expected that anyone occupying such a highly esteemed position should be a man almost without a blemish.
Bukola Saraki becoming the Senate President was a tragedy; and the consequence is what the country is currently facing, this needs to be stated unequivocally! While he was the governor of Kwara State he never maintained a clean record, how come people like him with questionable background get to such exalted position? We need to introspect and act to avoid people that are apparently incurably corrupt or that have baggage that smacks of corruption from occupying our public offices. Let the truth be told! 
Considering the amount of embarrassment that he has continually caused the country as a whole, at this junction it is wise that we cast a ‘vote of no confidence’ on the so called Senate President; he should either resign or the processes for his impeachment should be commenced by Nigerians who want a better social co-existence than this appalling misrepresentation. We say loud and clear that ‘SARAKI IS NOT OUR SENATE PRESIDENT’!
As we confront our reality and the need to act, we cannot continue to lower the bar in terms of intolerance for corruption. It is either Saraki proves his innocence or not, period! Enough of these distractions!! It is no longer about Magu, Ali, Dino’s certificate or whatever contortion that has been thrown so far. We as Nigerians owe this country the duty to make or mar it, beyond the conscious frivolities of the political class that has kept the vast majority in abject penury with so much effrontery.
For Saraki, vacating the office would not enough; he must be duly prosecuted by the EFCC. It is not right that people evade justice at free will. Saraki is not untouchable though he has feigned otherwise; whatsoever the case maybe, he is not above the law.
We at CACOL decided this with and on behalf of millions of hapless Nigerians who have by a choice that is not theirs, fallen or are potential victims of corrupt leaders. This monster torments ordinary people of Nigeria in all areas of their endeavour. We have to confront it with a view to defeating it because it has to be done, not by ghosts or citizens of other nations but by Nigerians who have pride in themselves to be full-blooded Nigerians. Our promotion and pursuance of ‘open leadership’ is hinged on our belief that it will facilitate transparency and accountability in governance while also plugging the holes of corruption.
Yours in service to humanity
Debo Adeniran
Executive Chairman, CACOL


The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has condemned the attack on a global Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International, AI, at its Abuja office on Monday by a so-called civil society organization under the name GOPRI.

The attack was reported to have continued today, Tuesday after the group of protesters had on Monday barricaded the Abuja office of AI demanding that organization should leave Nigeria within 24 hours.

The Executive Chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran expressed his consternation that any civil society organization could think of attacking such a popular global organization. He said “we are talking here about an organization with the reputation of being on the side of the less privileged and voiceless whose rights are constantly trampled up. The incidence is totally embarrassing and unacceptable. It is a move that indicate a slide back to the dark days of the military when human rights organizations and activists were hounded into exile or driven ‘underground’.”

“How do we explain this? It is a bad development that could tarnish our image as country among the comity of nations. It is odd that this has happened in a country under democratic governance; a country that is a signatory to several conventions and charters of human rights, which guarantees the freedom of association, expression, assembly, movement etc.”

“Before this occurrence, it was already being peddled that the government was not comfortable with some of AI’s reports on Nigeria with regard to the protection of human rights of Nigerians particularly in parts of the country where there have been violent conflicts between the security agencies and militants or insurgents. So this attack would definitely portray our country as a human rights unfriendly one. “

“That the attack was led by a so-called civil society organization is disgusting. It is unheard of, unthinkable, that an organization like the AI that is welcomed with open arms by most countries and civil groups globally as a result of the positive impacts of their work could treated in this manner. Any civil group worth its salt at all would never contemplate attacking AI and that is why the elements behind the attack should be investigated because as matter of fact no organization has the right to ask AI or any other organization to leave the country. It is only the Nigerian State that possesses such powers.”

“The protest is spurious and evidently sponsored for reasons best known to the sponsors. We call on the Federal Government to immediately publicly dissociate itself from the nonsensical attack and to ensure that AI continues its work in country so long as the organization violates no laws. It is the responsibility of government to ensure that no individual and groups, whether Nigerian or foreign is denied their fundamental human rights.”

“This attack and similar tendencies must not be allowed to fester; it must be nipped in the bud. Failure to do this, will definitely lead to a back-slide in the country’s democratization processes.” Adeniran concluded

Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL

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The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has commended the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for handing over a hospital with medical equipment worth about $2.15m which was seized from a former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Adesola Amosu (retd.) to the Nigerian Air Force medical unit.
Reports stated that the hospital, St. Solomon Hospital, which is located on Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos, having very expensive equipment including a Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) machine which costs well over $1m have been handed over to the Air force pending the outcome of Amosu’s trial. It is assumed that the money used in buying the hospital was stolen from the air force.
Other properties seized from Amosu included a house on Adeyemo Alakija Street, GRA Ikeja worth N250m; a duplex at House 11, Peace Court Estate, GRA Ikeja worth N110m; a N40m property located at NAF Harmony Estate, Asokoro base; a five-bedroomed house at Valley NAF Estate, Port Harcourt, worth N33m and a N95m house on Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi. The Federal Government has also commenced moves to seize Amosu’s house at 50 Tenterden Grove, NW41TH, London worth about £2m.
The Executive Chairman of CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran while reacting to the news said the decision and many more like this will go a long way in helping the health sector in coping with challenges of infrastructural deficiencies.
He said “seeing that the EFCC had decided to tread this path gives us hope of winning the war against corruption to achieve positive impacts on the people. It has always been our position at CACOL that whatever money/property  recovered from looters should be re-channeled back to the original project the looted funds/property were meant for. If funds meant for a particular project that gets diverted, once such fund is recovered by any anti-corruption agency, such monies should be used to fund the project that was made un-actualizeable as a result of looting.”
Mr. Adeniran further advised the Federal Government to embrace this practice as it would help reduce multiple funding of projects and ensure resources are used for their original purpose/s.
He said “one major aftermath of corruption in the country is an epileptic economy. Once the funds allocated to a project get been pillaged, fresh funds are often released for such abandoned project. This has consistently over time landed us in the pitfalls of economic disasters.”
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has charged Governors to direct and channel the Paris Club loan Refund recently ordered to be released to the states by President Mohammadu Buhari to the real beneficiaries.

The Fund according to the President is specifically for the settlement of unpaid salaries and pension arrears of their workers in the respective states. He said “I will not rest until I address those issues that affect our people. One of these basic things is the issue of salaries. It is most important that workers are able to feed their families, pay rent and school fees, then other things can follow.”

The Executive Chairman, Mr. Debo Adeniran who spoke on behalf CACOL said the news of the release of the second tranche of the Paris Club loan Refund enthralled the organization. He however expressed fear and suspicion concerning the possible mismanagement and misappropriation or outright embezzlement of the funds by some Governors.

He said “we are impressed by the decision of the President to order the release of the loan Refund and the further instruction given by him that Governors should make sure that the funds gets to the end beneficiaries. But we recall the bail-out funds given out to some states previously by the Federal government never got to be used for the purpose they were meant to serve, that is, to pay arrears of workers’ salaries. The funds which were given to governors then in order to help people out of economic hardship were mismanaged by some state governors which increased the sufferings of the end beneficiaries at the end of the day.”

Adeniran further highlighted the unfairness and wickedness of governors who divert or mismanage funds meant for pensioners who die on daily basis die while queuing for their pensions or workers who are left to hungers because of unpaid arrears and salaries. “Such funds are supposed to be ‘sacred’ given the fact that the beneficiaries had served the country so loyally and diligently for years only to die of hunger at the hands of the operators of the states.” He averred

He concluded that “The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offence Commission, ICPC and other anti-corruption agencies should be pro-active by keeping their lenses on the movement and handling of the funds and how it is been allocated in each state. This will help in reducing the impunity with which some the governors divert, mismanage or embezzle funds meant for specific purposes leading to socio-economic crisis that increases the sufferings of the ordinary Nigerian.”

Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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In recent times, there have been controversies over the operations of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS); the conduct of its officials, custom duties, policies etc. These controversies have pitched Nigerians in different camps as far as discerning the whole scenario is concerned.
From exorbitant custom duties to the traumas of clearing and forwarding, from chronic corruption to the wicked exploitation of innocent Nigerians, from incompetence to floppy operations, and a lot more represents what is manifesting from the current heat that is on the NCS. The Service, and its boss, the Comptroller General (CG), Col. Hameed Ibrahim Ali retd., whose arrogance has pitched him with the National Assembly over adorning his uniform or not, are very much in the eye of the storm presently.
Some of flash-points that have drawn out the NCS into National discourse include the January arrest of seizure of illegal items in Lagos. It was reported that the NCS along Mile2-Apapa road, intercepted a Mack truck carrying 661 illegal pump-action rifles concealed in iron doors.
In  February, the Federal Operation Unit (FOU) of the NCS went on a midnight raid at the Sango-Ota Rice market where the broke into stalls and carted away 1,870 bags of rice and 43 jerry cans of vegetable oil which the service alleged to have been smuggled into the country.
Not too long after that, some officers of the Oyo-Osun Area Command of the Service invaded a warehouse in Ibadan and apprehended 9,000 bags of rice worth about N88.7m which was claimed by the CG to have been smuggled into the country; this operation was also carried out from evening throughout the night!
In the three scenarios, it was proven that the goods/contrabands were impounded after ‘passing’ through the borders which shows that there are internal problems in the NCS bordering on its competence in monitoring of the country’s borders. The first priority of the NCS is to protect the border but unfortunately, the reverse has been the case, as our borders have continually remained porous which impacted negatively on the country socio-economically.
Customs duties on vehicles with the rigors and oftentimes extortion that accompany its application have been one of the major issues that continue to keep majority of Nigerians disgruntled about NCS operations. The operations had been and continue to be bedeviled with corruption, nepotism, lack of transparency and accountability.
Thus, while we unequivocally condemn the unwarranted arrogance and unpatriotic attitude of the CG of NCS for his irrational decision not to appear in uniform before the Senate, our Centre, Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL calls on Nigerians not to lose focus of the background of the melodrama that is being played out presently. We must understand that the issues are more profound beyond the pettiness of Ali and the ‘almighty’ Senate, the arguments will fritter away and the fundamental challenges will remain.
In CACOL, we align with those who insist that Ali should wear his uniform or quit, those are the choices before him, his joke has been taken too far.  The Senate is a Constitutional Institution and has to be treated as such regardless of the occupants. All the arguments in support of his recalcitrance pale up to disrespecting the country and only attempts to justify misdemeanor. We are displeased and totally condemn the actions of the CG of the NCS, who has made himself appear as one who is above the law and the country. We expect the CG to do what is right by putting the interest and the reputation of the country first.
The profound lesson from this experience is that when we do not build virile institutions that can auto-clean itself of corruption and maladministration through internal mechanisms, issues like this will always arise. We could ask why is it the practice for long to always look outside certain institutions to choose/appoint who leads them like the NCS case that is led by a retired Colonel as CG? Are officials not supposed to ride through the ranks to reach leadership via merit? Are there no men of honour and integrity within the Service that could have risen through the ranks to become CG? Do we have to put round pegs in round holes?
The problems are deeper than the pettiness we are witnessing, it is the system that has been, and still subsist that requires overhauling, a task which is apparently beyond the present government. This too, Shall pass! And the NCS operations will remain same if we are not circumspect enough by focusing on the details of the scenario to bring out the fundamental issues that must be addressed in moving forward from the present state!!
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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Following the rejection for the second time of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as the substantive Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mr. Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has described the development as a demoralizing one which can only serve the interest of pro-corruption elements who are hell-bent on killing the country’s anti-corruption drive.
Magu, who was screened by the Senate today, 15 March, 2017 was rejected based on a DSS report that was submitted yesterday which claimed that the nominee for the EFCC Chairman failed integrity test and will eventually constitute a liability to the Commission.
Adeniran said “it is rather unfortunate that Magu who have performed so marvelously well within the very short period he has been acting as Chairman of EFCC had to be given this ‘Ides of March’ treatment by a pack of people who are apparently incurably corrupt. It is a tragedy that these elements have been able to use the country’s hallowed Chambers to frustrate the appointment of a man who have made more landmark achievements in the anti-corruption drive than even than his predecessors in offices. They have just practically used the Legislative Arm and it’s sanctity in the bid to shield themselves from judicial consequences of the corrupt ways!”
“Like we said when the dilly-dallying and acrobatics over Magu’s confirmation began, we had said the Senate would brazenly utilize different crooked means of causing confusion to achieve the bid to shield themselves from scrutiny because of them are lords of corruption. Majority of the Senators today lack more in integrity than man they are persecuting today over their perverted kind of integrity.”
 “The man’s credentials are sparkling enough and his achievements speaks for him; he has dared to tread ‘where eagles dare’, touching the high and mighty, recovering loots of humongous sums, arresting and prosecuting corrupt elements in large numbers in the anti-graft drive since he started acting as EFCC Chairman in 2015.”
“The greater consequence of all these is the impact of the Senate’s illogical decision is that it will impact negatively on the anti-corruption drive generally beyond how demoralizing it may be for Magu.”
“And again, whoever is now nominated after Magu will also be confronted with this situation which will certainly discourage incorrigible men of honour, integrity and capacity from accepting to play the patriotic role of serving as EFCC Chairman. With this attitude of the Senate, it may take only a man who is ready to ‘play ball’ a little with the soiled hands in the Chambers to get confirmed as the Chairman of the EFCC.”
Questioning the timing of the DSS report and the channeling Adeniran said “We remain curious about what actually is the lawfully dealing between the DSS and the Senate such that security reports seem to always be submitted directly to the Senate only on the eve of the screening/confirmation of Magu? We ask where should be the first point of call if the DSS completes a report on a security situation, is it the Presidency, the Senate or the Judiciary? Is a there a reason why today’s DSS report suddenly emerged while the Magu’s screening was ongoing?,

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Centre for Anti-Corruption has called for the deepening of investigations of the circumstances surrounding the seizure of some properties and ammunitions from one Mr. Sanusi Mohammed, a former aide to ex-Governor of Bauchi State, Isa Yuguda.
The media on Wednesday reported that the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related Commission through a whistle-blower had apprehended 220 flats and 20 estates ranging from two-bedroom to three-bedroom flats inside, four sophisticated guns with 165 rounds of ammunition, five exotic cars and 15 new air-conditioners were found inside the buildings as well 25 designer wrist-watches, some cash and 20 bales of brocade.
Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman speaking on behalf of CACOL commended the ICPC for this feat it has achieved while also calling for the reinforcement of the ICPC and other anti-corruption agencies as sharp practices corruption continues.
He said, “There is need for the underpinning of the ICPC, EFCC and other anti-corruption agencies so as to have requisite capacity to carry out detailed investigations and prosecution of cases of corruption. If they must thrive, then they must be empowered and provided with every resource that they need.
Applauding whistle blowing as one the veritable means of combating, the anti-corruption and good governance crusader said “discovery and seizure of the items from Sanusi and Andrew Yakubu, former NNPC GMD, Diezani etc indicate that the whistle blowing policy is really beneficial in battling corruption because people who clearly live above their legitimate means of earnings can get expose more easily.”
“These agencies should also look in the direction of the numerous aides, special assistants and others because most of them apparently front for dubious politicians to perpetrate corrupt practices and sleaze of unimaginable levels. As such CACOL is calling on ICPC to do deeper investigations to reveal the entire circumstance that surrounds the Sanusi episode including investigating his former Principal, Mr. Yuguda and other possible ‘accomplices’.”
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC carry out thorough and intensified investigation as well as the prosecution of anyone linked to the Malabu Oil Scandal following an open letter written by the former Attorney General of the Federation, AGF, Mr. Mohammed Adoke (SAN) to present AGF.
Adoke, in an Open letter addressed to his successor, Mr. Abubakar Malami (SAN), on Sunday titled, ‘Settlement of dispute over ownership/operation of OPL 245, between the Federal Government of Nigeria, Shell Nigeria Ultra Deep and Malabu Oil and Gas Limited’ listed the names of both living and dead past presidents as well as some other ‘influential’ people in the country as people who were in the know of the happenings in the infamous scandal over one of biggest oil block in Africa. The former AGF specifically named former President Olusegun Obasanjo, late former President Umaru Yar’adua, immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan, Barrister Bayo Ojo, SAN, Mrs Diezani Allison-Madueke, and Dr. Olusegun Aganga.
Prior to now, Adoke had been charged of an involvement in $1.1bn Malabu Scam alongside 10 other persons. He was charged alongside Shell Nigeria Exploration Production Company Limited, Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited, ENI SPA and three Italians for corruptly handing over $801,000,000 to a former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mr. Dan Etete; Chairman of AA Oil, Mr. Aliyu Abubakar; and Etete’s company, Malabu Oil and Gas.
Debo Adeniran, the Executive Chairman of CACOL while expressing concern over the case maintained that Adoke should answer his case in court. He said “We insist that ex-AGF should answer whatever charges that have been leveled against him in the Court. An open letter to his successor shows some hanky-panky; it is not the same as answering to the charges against him. He needs to understand that Nigerians are now wiser than the usual gimmick of corruption suspects that attempts to divert attention from the substance of the cases against them.”
In respect to Adoke’s statement that the EFCC is being used as a weapon of vendetta by the late Sanni Abacha’s Family, the CACOL leader affirmed that, “The EFCC is not owned by the late Sanni Abacha or his family. It is owned by Nigeria, institutionalized and empowered by the Constitution to fight against Corruption and that is exactly what the Commission is doing! It is impish to avoid the main issue at hand and navigate matters to a slope that leads nowhere.”
Adeniran called on the EFCC to continue and intensify investigations on the mentioned names and be sure to bring to book everyone found culpable in the Oil Scam because no one is above the law. “This is one scandal that has lingered on for too long and we know this is apparently because of the suspected personalities who seem to be ‘above the law’. Therefore, Adoke’s claims should be investigated profoundly by the EFCC and if there are grounds established against persons to have erred against our extant laws, then, they should be prosecuted accordingly regardless of how ‘highly’ placed they are in the society.”
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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