The Coalition Against Corruption Leaders, CACOL has described the claim and cling to immunity by the governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose over the freezing of his bank accounts by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC as fallacious, null, void and ultra vires.


This came on the hill of a report that the EFCC had frozen the personal account of the Ekiti state’s governor with Zenith bank following an alleged order. CACOL views the governor’s position as frivolous, shameless, insensitive and immoral.


The Chairman of CACOL, Debo Adeniran while reacting to the report said “the recent revelations emanating from the freezing of the personal account of Ayo Fayose; a “sitting” governor shows that there is the likelihood that other leaders are being “shielded” by the immunity clause. They have perfected the act of running riot with our commonwealth knowing fulyl well that before the end of their tenures all records showing their misdemeanors would have been “taken care” of. This is the reason why the Senate is pushing for immunity for their leaders also so as to “enjoy” the untouchable status, while pilfering, maladministration, impunity and sharp practices thrive!”


“It is rather embarrassing that the immunity clause have consistently been racked and shown to our faces, because it is enshrined in our constitution for Presidents and their Vice and Governors and their Vice all in an effort to justify the “sanctity” of our democratic arrangement. This is why we have found ourselves in a situation where people of seriously questionable characters that get elected into public offices, emboldened by the cover of the immunity clause act with impunity”. Adeniran added


Describing the attempt to hide under the immunity clause is a shameless one; the anti-corruption crusader said “the attempt to escape or pervade justice in this case will be futile. EFCC should as a matter of urgency fast track and extend the current investigative skills to other “sitting” and “immune” leaders since for we know, Fayose’s “secret personal dealings” might be a tip of the iceberg!”


CACOL congratulates the EFCC for the great work it’s doing in exposing corrupt leaders. “Who would have believed that Fayose that have refused to pay workers’ salary in Ekiti state for several months had more money (ill-gotten money/blood money) in his personal accounts to the extent that he is richer than the state he is governing? It is all thanks to the EFCC for their diligence that Fayose has been exposed!”


Adeniran continued “another positive from the scenario, for which the Federal Government deserves commendation, is the Bank Verification Number (BVN) which it introduced. We believe the BVN has helped tremendously in the tracking of loots kept with the banks. We commend also the Zenith Bank for clarifying that it never donated funds to the Ayo Fayose campaign.”


In concluding, he said “the Fayose saga has shown that with all hands on deck, Nigeria can battle corruption and win, the saga is an illustration of this reality, thus we call on the EFCC and the all other agencies not relent in their efforts as the ongoing anti-corruption drive gains momentum. It is our desire to see the agencies treat all suspected corruption criminals in the same way in order to send appropriate message to innocent Nigerians that corruption is a shameful act. This is in line with CACOL’s perpetual advice through its pay-off line – Name, Nail, Shame and Shun corrupt leaders anywhere, everywhere.



Wale Salami

Media Coordinator, CACOL


June 23, 2016





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