The Centre for Cultural and Religious Rights, CECURR has demanded that, Wale Fagbere, a Pentecostal Pastor who allegedly invaded a traditional Shrine in the Ketu area of Ayetoro, Ogun State should be treated like Boko Haram terrorists and must be prosecuted.

CECURR is a child of necessity borne of the need to bring a succor for victims of religious and cultural persecution in any part of Nigeria. It is a non-religious organization of men and women of different religious background including atheists; it is non-sectarian, non-gender bias, gender- sensitive, non-profit making and non-governmental organization. Its activities cover all parts of the country; its work strategy centres on study, research, education, advocacy and enlightenment.

CECURR, speaking through its National Coordinator, Mr. Debo Adeniran, asked the Ogun State Government to investigate and interrogate Wale Fagbere to know the reason behind his actions as it smacks of terrorism and portends danger to the society, just as it violates the fundamental human right to worship and religion.

“We should ask, what genuine reason could have led the so-called Pastor to want to invade the Shrine other than intolerance and sheer hatred? It is intolerance and hatred that breeds terrorism and fanaticism. This incidence may look simple or not too serious, but the reality is that it is comparable to Boko Haram terrorists bombing up Churches in the North.”

“We therefore urge the Ogun State government not to handle the issue with kids’ gloves, it is better to nip tendencies such as the one demonstrated by Mr. Wale Fagbere in the bud before they fester! Government generally must remain vigilant and pro-active; identifying early warning signs and potential crisis points in our religious and socio-cultural co-existence to guarantee societal harmony is imperative in preventing unnecessary violence and deaths.”
“We call on all the parties involved in the crisis to embrace peace and let the law take its full course. We advise our people regardless of religious, cultural or social inclinations to shun religious and cultural intolerance. We should also eschew violence and respect each others’ fundamental rights.” Adeniran concluded.

Wale Salami

Media Coordinator, CECURR


September 28, 2016


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