Lagos gov’s performance overblown – CACOL


August 15, 2013 by Sharon Oremichen

Executive Chairman, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, Mr. Debo Adeniran, says the performance of Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola is overblown.

He said the performance of Fashola’s government did not match the revenue accruing to the state on a monthly basis.

Adeniran said this at the annual convention of the coalition in Lagos on Wednesday.

He said, “The Babatunde Fashola-led Lagos State Government is fake, pretentious and partial. The government might have also been involved in monumental corruption at its peak.

“Though the state government is said to have done a lot for the state, CACOL found out that the government has not done as much as it has been portrayed.

“The budget of the state is in excess of N20bn monthly without substantial proof of what it has been used for. We have undertaken an assessment of the 57 councils in the state and it has proved that the LASG is over-hyped for doing very little.”

He said the group’s hypothesis had shown that the budgetary impact on infrastructural development in the state was not accessible.

He added, “However, we have yet to come to the conclusion as regards how much money had been spent on infrastructure; we would not just say corruption has set in. Maybe, the money is being kept somewhere, but definitely, it has not been spent on what they claim. Adeniran said the alleged “secrecy” of the Lagos State Government was questionable, stressing that it could have engaged in “monumental corruption” more than anyone could ever imagine.

He said, “Through propaganda, the LASG has been able to cajole Lagosians to believe that Fashola is, at present, the most performing governor in the country.  It is unfortunate that Nigerians easily believe anything.There should not be secrecy in government; it should be open and transparent. Let LASG prove that their hands are clean.”

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