Group flays Jonathan for slow pace

SINA FADARE December 28, 2012

Against the backdrop of President Goodluck Jonathan defence of his slow pace towards governance, the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has condemned in strong terms such a style which has not bring any good tidings to Nigerians.

CACOL chairman, Debo Adeniran, while reacting to the Christmas message of the President that his government appeared slow because it did not want to make mistakes, noted that the government lacks the ability and will-power to lead Nigeria to its promised land.

“President Jonathan has shown that he does not possess the ability to move this nation forward. How many years does he need to achieve his transformation agenda?” he queriedAdeniran explained that many years of Jonathan at the helm of affairs in the country has not impacted positively on the lives of an average Nigerian, adding that “our president only learns what he wants to and retains what he wants to, if not, the nation would not have been in this mess.”

He said that Jonathan’s case should teach every Nigerian a lesson not to vote any candidate without a manifesto into power, saying: “When he said he would not promise Nigerians anything, we never knew he was that clueless.”

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