Govt has failed to address corruption – Debo Adeniran, Executive Chairman of Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL)

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by on Nov 2, 2013 |
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What is your take on how cases of alleged corruption of political and public office holders are being handled in the country?

The administration of Dr Goodluck Jonathan has failed to address the monumental corruption which is turning into a trade mark of his regime. All the anti-graft agencies in the country have been rendered toothless with less action to back up their talks .There is lack of political will on both sides of the government and the anti-graft agencies to bring corruption perpetrators to book. It is very unfortunate that many scandals that broke out under this regime are yet to be resolved.

Is this how it is handled in other climes?

It is becoming clearer that our country Nigeria has become a Banana Republic. This is a country where someone would loot his state’s coffers and still be given presidential pardon. This is a country where the lawmakers emoluments would be shrouded in secrecy and no one could call them to order. Ours is a country where a minister would buy two cars for a whooping N225million whereas the universities’ lecturers’ cries for a living wages won’t be countenanced. In other climes, the Petroleum Minister, Diezani Alison- Madueke and her Aviation Ministry counterpart, Stella Oduah would have been sacked for failing

Is there an end in sight to this?

I believe the ongoing national dialogue should bring respite, if done sincerely.

What are the ways out?

The anti-graft agencies should be made independent. Time frame should be set for corruption cases to go through. Civil servants should not be made head of anticorruption agencies. Independent people with impeccable pedigree could be made head of anti-graft agencies to ensure that they won’t be answerable to many people.

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