The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, through its Executive Chairman Mr. Debo Adeniran has called for the immediate investigations into the claims of the new Acting Inspector General of Police, I.G, of the Nigeria Police that his predecessor, Mr. Solomon Arase carted away with him as many as 24 vehicles belonging the Police when exited office as I.G.
Mr. Adeniran expressed shock over the reports in the media that the acting Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, claims that Mr. Solomon Arase, the immediate past I.G of Police carted away 24 police vehicles when he exited office as I.G, and that 7 Deputy Inspectors-General of Police, D.I.Gs who were also retired at the same time made away with between seven and eight cars each.
He said, “this revelation is once again manifesting how profoundly seated the virus of corruption have eaten into the fabrics of our polity as a country. How do we explain a situation where the ‘hunter’ chooses to get involved with the ‘hunted’? That the custodian of the apex echelon of the Nigeria Police in terms hierarchy is involved or suspected to be involved in the physical carting away of government properties is scary, disgusting, embarrassing, uninspiring and absolutely condemnable!”
The acting I.G, who revealed to the media in an interview with journalists, also informed that a special investigation team was already looking at the records of police vehicle purchases in the last three years.
“Although, we aware according to media report, that the former I.G has reportedly denied the claim of his successor describing the allegations as a malicious propaganda, we think the allegations should still be investigated all the same. The claims and counter-claims should not be handled with levity because if the allegations were found be true, then, it means the country must have to rethink, review and rework of its anti-corruption drive with a view of magnifying the activities of supposed upholders of the laws and enforcement. If the enforcers of the laws at the topmost level are involved in sharp practices, the hope of cleansing the polity of corruption becomes unrealistic as ‘coming to equity’ requires coming with clean hands, tackling crimes requires the ‘tacklers’ living and acting above board as far as combating crimes is concerned.” Adeniran insisted.
“Our insistence on a thorough probe of the episode is predicated on the imperativeness of ensuring that those entrusted with combating crimes are not also criminals and because the immediate past I.G appeared to have left office with a public image which majority of Nigerians perceived as ‘clean’ and without blemish.” The anti-corruption Crusader added
“The investigations must also include the D.I.Gs indicted by the acting I.G in his revelation; the special investigation panel said to have been set up must do a diligent job including revealing to the public the official privileges and entitlements of retiring police officers. That is how Nigerians can identify what is propaganda and what is real.” Adeniran averred.
In concluding, the CACOL leader said “we also support the move of the new acting I.G to through the Police Management Team probe the last promotion exercise in the Force following the complaints by many police personnel that their juniors were promoted over them. The Police of any country is usually conventionally considered as a reflection of the kind of country the country is, with the much touted anti-corruption stance of the present government, if Arase is found to complicit in a crime, it will be contradictory to the zero tolerance to corruption policy of the government. In fact, given that the President himself celebrated his tenure as evidenced in the valedictory dinner he held in Arase’s honour upon his exit as I.G leaves a disgusting and bitter taste on our tongues as Nigerians.”

Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
July 18, 2016

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