The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL has called on the Department of State Service, DSS to intensify its investigation of a former governor of Benue State, Mr. Gabriel Suswam over the cache of arms and Certificates of Occupancy discovered at his company located at 44 Aguiyi Ironsi Way, Maitama, Abuja.
The Executive Chairman CACOL, Mr. Debo Adeniran said in response to the alarming discovery made by the DSS, “Suswam definitely has a lot of explanations to give over the cache of arms reported to have been found in 2 vehicles within the premises of a company belonging to the ex-governor.”
“In a country like Nigeria, where the government and people have had to contend almost on daily basis with senseless killings provoked by bigotry of varied sorts; there is every reason for Suswan and all that linked to arms cache to be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted if found wanting in extremely scary development where the ex-governor seem to be the epicenter.”
“From what the DSS has disclosed, a total of 85 rounds of ammunition, one Glock pistol; one mini-uzi, a Submachine Gun, and one AK-47 rifle were recovered following the search conducted by operatives of the Service. These are weapons we can only get to see or use in a war situation, pointing to the reality all those linked to the arms has bloodletting plans. The government must ensure that the diabolic plans of these forces of mindless violence does not manifest. This can be achieved when government and security agencies pounce on a development like this with utmost rapidity in order have the opportunity to nip the menaces of potential violent crimes, wanton destruction of life and property in the bud.”
Continuing, Adeniran further said “this discovery is akin to the recent 611 pump action rifles seized by men of the Nigerian Custom Service, NCS, in Lagos. Incidences like this, explains the widespread of illegal arms and ammunitions in the country. Happening at this particular time when violence is being preached and promoted in the country makes the whole scenario scary and dangerous. However, the fundamental issue is what we as a people have to do to halt this kind of negative progression in our country for very obvious reasons.”
“Sadly, operatives of our enforcement agencies and services who constitutionally are backed to bear arms cannot access the kind of ‘weapons of mass destruction’ discovered on Suswan’s property when they have to carry out their duties on different terrains where they are often exposed to superior fire-power leading to avoidable loss of personnel and frequent desertions.”
“The FG and the DSS must leave no stone unturned in ensuring that case of these dangerous weapons is pursued to logical conclusions with the goal of establishing the criminal culpable of all those involved in the episode and the application of judicial punitive regardless of how highly placed those found guilty are in the society.” Adeniran concluded
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
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