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Kazeem Ugbodaga

Nigerians have blasted President Goodluck Jonathan over the paltry reduction in the price of petroleum product from N97 to N87, saying the reduction is not commensurate with the fall in crude oil price globally.

Others say the president decided to cut the price of petroleum in order to win the heart of Nigerians to vote for him at next month’s election.

Speaking with P.M.NEWS, Lagos lawyer, Festus Keyamo said winning election was the reason Jonathan decided to reduce the price of petroleum product, describing it as a last minute deception and a panic mode to warm himself into the hearts of Nigerians.

“In the United States, the prices of petroleum were reduced two months ago when the prices started falling. Why are we just dong it here now? I am not impressed. The fuel price fall is about 60 percent and the reduction is not commensurate with the fall in prices,” he said.

Founder, Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, Comrade Debo Adeniran rejected the reduction, saying it is not commensurate with the fall in crude oil price, lamenting that the reduction was not also done across board as the prices of diesel and kerosene were not reduced.

Adeniran also said the reduction was simply political and a way to win the hearts of the people to vote for his candidacy.

Mr. Joe Igbokwe, Publicity Secretary, All Progressives Congress, APC, Lagos State said let nobody think that Jonathan did this because he loved Nigerians, and wants to alleviate their sufferings .

“Far from it, he did the natural thing that needed to be done. Since crude oil price has moved from more than 100 dollars per barrel to less than 50 dollars per barrel, this government has no alternative than to cut the prices of petroleum products in order to obey the economic laws of forces of demand and supply.

“All over the world, including the United States, pump prices of the products have been adjusted and Nigeria should not be an exception. So, let nobody, including the president think that political capital can be made out of this in this election period. It will never happen.

“After all, the pump prices are supposed to be reduced by half given that the crude oil price reduced by more than half. The truth is that Nigerians are still being cheated even with the current reduction. Let us fight for further reduction instead of celebrating this unfair treatment,” Igbokwe said.

Also, the APC in Oyo State has rejected the slight adjustment in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), describing the development as hypocritical

Director of Publicity, Olawale Sadare, challenged the president and his economic team to explain how the new pump price came into being and without making any guiding statement on it.

“It is to the common knowledge of everyone that the prices of crude oil in the global market have fallen by 50 per cent but the Nigerian government chose to announce a phantom 10 per cent reduction in the official pump price of petrol in what we suspect to be another subtle attempt to evolve a soft landing for the president in next month’s general elections.

“In as much as Nigerians are amazed that the PDP administration of Dr. Jonathan can bow to the pressure, which first came from the APC in Oyo State, to reduce the fuel pump price, it is curious to note that the announcement in the dead of the night by the minister did not meet the expectations of the people and as such cannot be celebrated.

“What happens to the prices of other petroleum products such as kerosene which sells for between N120 and N150 when its landing cost is N45.90k? Why does Nigeria still depend largely on smaller countries with functional refineries to run its economy when we are the world’s sixth-largest exporter of crude oil? Why does the country lose at least 400,000 barrel of crude oil to pirates on daily basis?” the party asked.

Also several Nigerians who responded to the online version of the fuel reduction published in the PM NEWS also said the reduction was political.

According to Abayomi, “it is too late for the Federal Government to fool Nigerians; just do your rubbish and leave the government. Bye bye PDP.”

Nomanis says this was long overdue, adding “no thanks,” while Emmanuel said “just N10, what a good campaign strategy after so much pleading. If you like sell for zero naira, please leave.”

According to Omo Oba, “thanks, but no thanks, this is 419. Jonathan is playing politics with us. We seriously need a change and Buhari is our man.”

Another Nigerian, Adeegbe Joseph described the reduction as rubbish, saying “absolute rubbish, it is too late for GEJ to reduce the price now, he did it because of election, there is nothing he can tell Nigerians… just N10 only. What is ten naira please, PDP repent before it is too late.”

Panky  Jude said: “if they are serious, they should also reduce the price of diesel,” while Sunny Akhigbe said: “Please folks, late or early, politics or no politics, let us enjoy it until another government reduces it to N40. They should ensure strict compliance. Go and ask the Okada rider if this marginal reduction means anything to him.”

Basil reacted: “It is now they know that they will reduce the price of fuel. Let PDP go and sit down, we are not fools. If they want let them sell at zero naira, we are tired of them, we need change, we want Buhari the incorruptible man.”

“Are the people praising Jonathan not feeling fooled? What PMS pump price reduction has GEJ done when he is murmuring budget deficit? Even Jonathan himself said that he knows that the only reason why anyone wants him back is either because he/she is from his clan or he/she is taking advantage of his government. Why should that be you?” Tolex Paul asked.

A Nigerian who simply identified himself as The Truth said: “Poli-tricks on Nigerians as usual. Please, Mr shoeless President, it is high time you left the stage while the ovation is the loudest.”


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