Lagos: All Governorship Aspirants Reveal their Manifestos

In the bid to attain good governance and the right candidate for the country some groups have brought all the governorship aspirants from all political parties in Lagos state to a town hall meeting to make their manifestos known to the public and how they intend to implement these promises.

The town hall meeting was organised by Coalition against corrupt leaders (CACOL) in collaboration with people’s action for democracy (PAD) at Lagos open parliament, LOP, theme: Lagos Budget 2015-2019, what impact is expected on Lagos?

Speaking at the event, CACOL, chairman, Debo Adeniran explained the essence as to why they have decided to bring the entire aspirants together, adding that politics should be the collective responsibility of every citizen in the state.

“It is aimed at developing our political institution, ensuring accountability in governance, and most importantly establishing a concord in political views among political aspirants, as well as the electorates, in such a way that the basis of election is predefined and tailored genuine programs contained in the manifestos.”

“Politics is so much a serious business than to be left with politicians alone,” he said.

The speaker of Lagos state house of assembly, honourable Adeyemi Ikuforiji, one of the aspirants on the platform of APC, spoke at the meeting that he has been in the government for decades and knows the need of the state, adding that he was ready to provide all if elected as governor.

“I’ve been in the system for decades; I will provide the necessary leadership for Lagos to get to the next level. It will not just be about education, health, transportation but everything put together to put smiles on the faces of ordinary Lagosians, I know the suffering of the people and I’m for the people,” Ikuforiji stated.

Another aspirant in APC, Dr Leke Pitan said his manifestos focuses mainly on human capital development.

Speaking on the theme what he will do was to ensure that there will be social welfare development that put the people first, “I provide human capital development both as training, empowerment.”

“Health, education, security, empowerment, and employment so that we can maximize their potentials and also ensure that power is available to the masses,” Pitan stressed.

Another aspirant on the platform of National conscience party (NCP) Kehinde Adeoye said if elected into power the priority of the party is to ensure that there is free education up to university level and free health care for all Lagosians from 0-15years and 60years above, adding that the state has the capacity to do this task.

“It is only Lagos that can stand on their own even if federal government doesn’t fund the state; it has much income especially in taxation.”

Adeoye said that he will look into the area of tourism in the state because the country has depended too much on crude oil ignoring other sectors.

“The problem has not been how to prepare budget but implementation and to implement the country must do away with corruption,” he noted.

Tokunbo Wahab on his own part, who is also an aspirant, believes that it was time to redeem Lagos budget, time for constructive change.

“How to implement this, we shall keep infrastructure in Lagos state, we shall invest in primary, secondary and vocational skill while subsiding for education at university level,” he added.

SOURCE: News Now

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