Group Calls On Gov. Fayose To Checkmate His Overzealousness Supporters

FayoseAn anti corruption group, known as the Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has written to Governor Fayose of Ekiti State to as a matter of urgency checkmate the activities of his overzealous supporters.

In the said letter signed by Debo Adeniran the Executive Chairman of the group stated thus; “According to a recent article on PUNCH newspaper of Thursday 4th of June, 2015, “Fayose’s thugs beat PUNCH correspondent in Ekiti”. Some thugs loyal to your government were reported to have descended on a PUNCH correspondence, Kamarudeen Ogundele, beating him up while on official duty.

The thugs, who were said to have laid siege to the House of Assembly Complex and all major roads leading to the state capital, attacked the journalist for trying to take pictures of women praying for peace in the state.”

Debo in his letter said; “Mr Governor Sir, we write to let you know that we acknowledge your apologies for your overzealous supporter’s actions, your expression of regrets, and your assurance of guaranteed freedom to journalist while carrying out their official duties in the state. Nevertheless, such a thing ought not to have happened at all if your office did not allow the hoodlums to hang around the state and if they do not enjoy the protection of the office.

The Coalition wishes to empathize with the correspondence. These are the hazards of the profession, and it is the reason why media houses should ensure that their workers; especially reporters and correspondence, are well protected with solid life insurance policy put in place for them, against all these type of unforeseen circumstance.”

“We hope that your government would affirm its assurance to prevent reoccurrence of such incidence on journalist in the state,” Debo said.

SOURCE: Universal Reporter


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