CACOL faults Fashola’s administration

The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) has frowned at the alleged awkward view Fashola led administration painted to the Lagos state populace, citing abject neglect of most populated areas with respect to development.
In a recent statement titled ‘The Lagos Fashola Has not Built’, CACOL make bold to say that Fashola had barely given Lagos a mere window dressing form of governance at the expense of the densely populated hinterlands, where chunk of the internally genrated funds came from.

Debo Adeniran CACOL’s executive chairman in reaction to a recent publication of a centerspread advert in The Punch yesterday, pages 32 and 33, purportedly sponsored by the All Progressives Congress, APC to showcase the achievement of the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, SAN, describes it as highly deceptive and misleading.

According to Debo,It is no gainsaying that Lagos has been running a government of grandstanding imbued by propaganda and bare-faced deception. The government only does project in the media with little or nothing to show for such advertised projects at the point of inspection. The government tells Lagosians perpetual lies on the import of its governance and executed projects; even when the opposite is starring at us in face and many are groaning under the weight of collapse or absence of such projects.

Adding that,”most primary and secondary schools in the state are decrepit. Those supposedly decorated school buildings, especially those along major roads, are mere façade just to cover up the stinking rots that are harboured inside. Most basic facilities, equipment as well as materials required for effective teaching and learning, are grossly inadequate or totally lacking, whereas huge sums are always appropriated for the maintenance and supplies for these schools in every of the state’s annual budgets”.

“Most drainage channels are either too shallow or too narrow to accommodate the volume of flood expected to flow through them, and everywhere in Lagos, without exception is affected. But worse affected are some areas in the outskirts like Ikorodu, Badagry, Epe axis and within the mainland, Alimosho especially Aboru, Ikotun, Ayobo, Ipaja axis. These areas are like jungles within the metropolis.”

CACOL maintained that,taking a look at the deplorable state of major access roads in areas like Somolu-Bariga-Pedro Road axis, Ipaja-Ayobo-Ayetoro axis with roads that has been under construction for years is yet to be completed, thus constituting a nuisance particularly during rainy seasons, year-in, year-out, Meiran-Ajasa-Command, Agbado-Tollgate end, Odongunyan-Spintex road,  Badagry-Okokomaiko section, to mention just a few with the density of population they enjoy. For example, the Alimosho Local Government Area, which accommodates Ipaja and Ayobo, alone contributes a population of over 5 million to Lagos State.

The corruption tackling human right organization noted that Lagos also top the list of foreign indebtedness to the tune of $1.3bn which amounts to 33.6 percent of the total debt owed by Nigeria.

SOURCE: National Daily

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