Xenophobic Attack: CACOL Calls For Job Creation




The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL) calls on the Nigerian government to address the problem of unemployment in order to stem the tide of migrant workers streaming out of the country.

This call is necessitated by the recent xenophobic attacks on some African nationals living in South Africa.

At least, five people have been killed in the country in recent days as some South Africans who accused immigrants from Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and other African countries of taking jobs and opportunities away from them, and began attacking their homes and places of business. Many of these attacks have reached worldwide attention with graphic videos being shared on social media of victims being stoned and burnt alive. The violence has forced foreigners, including Nigerians, out of their homes with many ending up in transit camps set up by nonprofit groups.

As much as the xenophobic attack is highly reprehensible because people have the right to live anywhere as long as they don’t commit crimes, this should also serve as an eye opener to countries who have made life difficult for their citizens to the extent that they go to other countries to pick up menial jobs.

It is a shameful thing that citizens of Nigeria that touts herself as the ‘Giant of Africa’ would become cheap labourers in South African and other African countries just because of the mismanagement of our resources by our past and present leaders. It is just like when Ghanaians were coming to take menial jobs that Nigerians were not ready to do, even at low cost and with better expertise in the 80s and 90s, before Ghana finally got it right.

In essence, the South African government should take immediate appropriate action on this genocide, which will safeguard the lives and properties of foreigners living within their domain. It also doesn’t matter whether it is ‘Afrophobia’ or ‘Xenophobia’, it is apparent that there is a phobia that is leading to savagery attacks on black foreigners in South Africa and apposite steps should be taken to stop it in its entirety.

More so, the Nigerian government should make job creation a priority, especially the incoming government, to stem the tide of migrant workers streaming out of the country. General Muhammadu Buhari should also give life to his promises by creating jobs that would give living wages to the youth, no matter their qualifications.

Debo Adeniran

Executive Chairman, CACOL

17 April, 2014

SOURCE: Universal Reporter

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