The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL described the resumption to duty by two among the recently arrested suspected corrupt judges of the Federal High Court in Abuja as shameless and highly immoral. The judges after their release by Department of State Services, DSS, were reported to have resumed sitting on Monday.

The Executive Chairman of CACOL Mr. Debo Adeniran while reacting to this development said, “suspected corrupt judges such as Justice Adeniyi Ademola and Justice Nnamdi Dimgba should not be allowed to sit on any case until they proof their innocence on the allegations corrupt practices they have to answer. If there is some level of morality and care about ones’ self-esteem, then the judges ought to willingly volunteer to step aside pending when the judicial processes as they concern their charges are done with.”
“That is the path of honour, people with integrity are expected to tow in situations like this, particularly judges who understand the repercussions of having a corrupt sitting over cases. The Judiciary is the hope of the masses; the situation whereby that Arm of government cannot longer be trusted like we are witnessing currently in Nigeria can only lead to anarchy.”
”Continuing, Adeniran added, “With self-help as the only hope of the people and the judiciary will become like a lost bride with an attendant conflagration in corruption. The truth is that the suspected judges have lost their moral authority, and their professionalism is being challenged; therefore they should be suspended for the period their investigation and prosecution is ongoing. What the country stands to lose should their culpability be established on the long run far out-weighs what it may gain if they continue to sit over cases.”
“The country needs a judiciary of integrity and honour, one that is devoid of sharp practices and that will ensure free and fair judgments regardless who the parties involved are. The judiciary must be above board and to achieve these, the sector must rid its ranks and file of corrupt elements that join in perpetrating and perpetuating sharp practices within that Arm of government and the country as a whole.” Mr. Adeniran concluded.
Wale Salami
Media Coordinator, CACOL
October 18, 2016
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